Easter macaroons

Macarons poussins et oeufs (3) modifiée

 Easter is coming, it is time to bake!! So I propose you a recipe of macaroon in the shape of chicks and eggs 

Recette en français

Necessary material :

Cooking thermometer

Pastry bag with #6 and #1 round tips

Gel food colors (at least red, yellow, and caramel-colored)

Black food coloring marker

Paintbrush or toothbrush

Realization time : 2h30 – 3h

Cooking time : 12-15min

Rest time : 45min

For : 10 chik macaroons + 15 eggs macaroons

Difficulty : ♥ ♥ ♥

Ingredients list:

  • For italian meringue macaroons : 

65g of egg whites

195g of almand powder (fine)

195g of icing sugar

Italian meringue :

65g of eggs whites

15g of sugar

For the syrup: 195g of sugar + 65g of water

  • For the pineapple ganache :

60g of pineapple

65g of single cream (fat 30%)

140g of white chocolate

Pineapple flavor

Recipe preparation :

First, we prepare the pineapple ganache.

Wipe off the pineapple then blend it.

Cut the white chocolate in little bits then add the the boiling single cream in 3 times to obtain a smooth ganache . Microwave to easier melt the chocolate.

When the chocolate is melted, add the mixed pineapple et the pineapple flavor then refrigerate the ganache.

Now, we make the italian meringue to make the macaroon hulls.

Heat up the 195g of suger and the 65g of water in a saucepan.

Begin to whip egg whites and the sugar to a light mousse.

Pour the syrup at 118°C in the whippeds egg whites and whip at full speed for 7-8min.

The meringue is finished when it is smooth, shiny and when it shape a beak.

In a container, sieve the icing suger and the almond powder. Blend the almond powder to easier sieve it.

Add the egg whites and mix with a spatula to obtain a pastry.

Add a big tablespoonful of meringue to the pastry and mix to soften up the mixture.

Add the rest of meringue. Press the mixture on the side of the container (There don’t need delicacy). The pastry is finished when it forms ribbons.

Divide the pastry into 3 parts then color it :

    • The half in yellow
    • A teaspoon in red
    • The other half in beige with a little of caramel-colored gel food color

Now, we can form chicks and eggs.

Cover a baking sheet with baking paper.

Macarons poussins et oeufs (1) modifiée

To form the chicks :

Put the yellow pastry in a pastry bag equip with a round tip (#6). Make a little circle of about Ø 3,5cm then make a second circle  of about Ø 4,5cm next to the first.

Put the red pastry in a pastry bag equip with a smaller round tip (#1). For the half of the macaroon hulls, make a little triangle to form a beak.

To form the eggs :

Put the beige pastry in a pastry bag equip with a round tip (#6). Make an oval with a base of about Ø 4cm.

Tap the baking sheet or use a toothpick to smooth the macaroons then let them stand for 45min. A little hull will be form on the surface of the macaroons. This step is very important to avoid the hulls split during the baking and to bring out the « ruff ».

Preheat the oven at 145°C then put the macaroons int the oven for 12-15min. The baking depend on your oven so you always need to watch the macaroons.

Let cool the macaroon hulls down.

On the macaroon hulls with beak, draw the chick eye with a black food coloring marker.

Macarons poussins et oeufs (5) modifiée

Dilute a few gel food colors with water. Soak a paintbrush or a toothbrush in the gel food colors diluted and make some splashes on the hulls in the shape of eggs.

Macarons poussins et oeufs (4) modifiée

Take the ganache and beat it to make it more aerial.

Wipe off bits of pineapple then place them on macaroon hulls in the shapes of chicks and eggs.

With a pastry bag equip with a round tip (#6), cover the bits of pineapple with the ganache to stuff the macaroons.

Cover the ganache with the drawn hulls.

The Easter macaroons are finally finished.

Macarons poussins et oeufs (2) modifiée

 Enjoy your meal  

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