Bunny cake pops

Cake pops lapin (4) modifiée

 Today, I present you a second recipe for Easter. 

After making the Napolitains framboise chocolat, scraps of yogurt cake remain. So I use them to make bunny cake pops 

Recette en français

Realization time : 1h

Rest time : 30 min to 1h

For : 30 bunny cake pops

Difficulty : ♥ ♥

Necessary material :

Lollipop stick

Ingredients list:

  • For the pastry:

500g of yogurt cake

250g of mascarpone

Red food coloring (optional)

  • For the coating:

Chocolate bar of your choice (milk chocolate here)

1/4 of white chocolate bar

Red or pink food coloring

Black food coloring marker

Recipe preparation :

First, we prepare the pastry.

Crumble or blend the yogurt cake in a container.

Cake pops lapin (3) modifiée

Add the mascarpone and the red food coloring Shape also little bunny ears of about 2,5cm.

Melt the chocolate. Plunge the tip of the lollipop stick in the melted chocolate then sink it in the balls until the middle or to the 3/4.

Refrigerate the lollipops and the ears for 30min (or freeze for 10min) to solidify the chocolate.

Now let’s move to the cake pops coating.

Coat entirely the lollipops and the ears with the chocolate. Let flow the surplus of chocolate.

When the chocolate does not flow anymore, place the lollipops in a cake pops display stand and put the ears on a cooling rack. I put the lollipops in bread because I had not a cake pops display stand  You can also place the lollipops in a glass.

Refrigerate for 30min (or freeze for 10min).

Melt the white chocolate then color it in pink. Reproduce the inside of the bunny ears with the pink chocolate. Refrigerate again.

Soak the ears bottom on melted chocolat then stick them to the lollipops.

Wait for the chocolate solidify then draw the bunny face with a black food coloring marker.

Cake pops lapin (2) modifiée.jpg Cake pops lapin (1) modifiée

 Enjoy your meal  

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