Pets de nonne (Fritters)

Pets de nonne (2) modifiée
Even if Shrove Tuesday is gone, I present you today a recipe of Pets de nonne. That is choux pastry that we fry.

  Recette en français

Realization time : 1h30 – 2h

For : 70 pets de nonne

Difficulty : ♄ ♄

Necessary material :

Pastry bag with a #6 round tip

Baking paper

Big saucepan or fryer

Ingredients list:

100mL of water

120mL of milk

2mL of orange blossom flavor

40g of sugar

60g of slightly salted butter

125g of flour

200g of eggs

Sufficiently of sunflower oil

Recipe preparation :

Heat up water, milk, orange blossom flavor, sugar and butter.

At boiling, remove the saucepan out of the fire then add flour in one go.

Mix and put the saucepan on the fire then dry out the pastry for about 1min. A little layer have to form at the bottom of the saucepan.

Take the pastry out of the fire then place it in the pastry robot bowl.

Mix with the flat beater for a few minutes to cool the pastry then add eggs one to one.

That is possible that your do not use all of the 200g of eggs. The choux pastry is done when it forms ribbons.

Place the choux pastry in a pastry bag  with a #6 round tip then form little choux of about Ø 3cm on baking paper.

Heat up oil in a big saucepan or a fryer.

Cut the baking paper around all of the choux and plunge them in oil always stick on the paper. The baking paper will detach by itself.

Pets de nonne (3)

Fry the choux on each side then put them on paper towel to drain them.

When the choux are lukewarm, roll them in sugar.


Enjoy your meal

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