Strawberry cream cake

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 Today I propose you a recipe of strawberry cream cake that I have made in individual pieces 

Recette en français

Realization time : 1h

Cooking time : 15-20min

Rest time : 2h minimum

For : 6 people

Difficulty : ♥ ♥

Necessary material :

6 round cookie cutters

Rhodoid sheets

Pastry bag with #6 round tip

Ingredients list:

500g of strawberries

Icing sugar for the tooping

  • For the sponge cake :

3 eggs

125g of sugar

125g of flour

30g of butter

  • For the syrup :

125mL of water

125g of suger

1/4 lemon

  • For the mascarpone cream :

250g of mascarpone

25cL of double cream

2 tablespoons of icing sugar

1tablespoon of vanilla flavor

Recipe preparation :

First we prepare the sponge cake.

Beat sugar and eggs heating in a bain-marie until the mixture attain 50°C.

Pour the mixture in the bowl of the pastry robot then beat increasing progressively the speed.

Melt butter.

When the eggs/sugar mixture has triple, add 2 tablespoons of it in the melted butter.

Sieve flour then add it in the pastry with the rubber spatula help.

To finish, incorporate the melted butter.

Spread the pastry on a baking sheet cover with baking paper then put the sponge cake in the oven for 15-20 min at 180°C.

Wait the sponge cake cool down then make 12 circles of sponge cake with round cookie cutters

Now we prepare the syrup.

Bring water, sugar and lemon juice to the boil then let boil for 2-3min.

Put the syrup aside at room temperature.

Waiting, prepare strawberries and mascarpone cream.

Wash the strawberries then cut their leaves.

Cut some of strawberries in half lenghtwise. So that the strawberries are about the same size, you can cut a little bit of the strawberrie base.

Beat mascarpone and double cream incorporating the icing sugar little by little. Add the vanille flavor.

Fraisier (3) modifiéeWe can make the strawberry cream cake assembly.

Soak well the circles of sponge cake.

Put a rhodoïd sheet inside of each cookie cutters and place a circle of sponge cake in the bottom of the cookie cutters.

Put the half of strawberries all around the cookie cutters placing the inside of the strawberries toward the outside. Put also a whole strawberry in the middle.

Put the mascarpone cream on a pastry bag with a #6 round tip.

Place the cream in the middle until the top of the strawberries.

To finish, put a second circle of soaking sponge cake on the cream and push lightly.

Refrigerate for 2h at least.

Dust the strawberry cream cakes with icing sugar and remove the cakes from the cookie cutters before serve.

 Enjoy your meal

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